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Street Art

By: Bill Alverson The term “contemporary art” refers to any art produced in the present at any given point throughout history. Today, most scholars and museums of contemporary art use the term to describe art produced since World War II. … Continue reading

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Overview of Architect Philip Johnson’s Life and Work

by William Alverson Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Philip Johnson made notable contributions to 20th century American architecture. Born in 1906, Johnson passed away in 2005 at 98 years of age. One of his major contributions to the industry was the … Continue reading

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William M. Alverson

Bill Alverson lives in Jupiter, Florida. He is married to Kathy, his wife of 14 years. They have four children, Ashton, Jet, Ryder, and Skylar. He currently serves on the the Board of Time, Healthient, Inc., SnackHealthy, Inc. and is … Continue reading

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William M. Alverson

William M. Alverson. William M. Alverson also referred as Bill Alverson has wide-ranging public company executive management experience. He has served as CEO and chairman of the board of publicly held companies. In 1989, he started his career as a … Continue reading

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Hello world!

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