About Bill Alverson

William “Bill” Alverson is the founder of Jupiter Venture Partners. He started his career in the financial industry in 1989 where he worked as a financial advisor at American Express. In 1993, Mr. Alverson founded Newport Beach, Ca based investment bank, W.M.A & Associates. Mr. Alverson served as chairman and provided seed capital and advisory services to private companies from start up phase to public listings.Major investments included Travelmax, Inc. (1700% return on equity), Admore Memory (900% return), Freerealtime.com (2100% return), and Genius Products(400% return).

In 1995, as the largest investor and shareholder of Travelmax, he took on the role of CEO. Under his watch, the company to grow from seven employees to 220 employees in less than a year, supporting over 44,000 agents nationwide. In 1997, Mr. Alverson was involved in a racing accident in Mexico that left him temporarily paralyzed with a broken back. As a result on the injury and one year rehabilitation, Alverson stepped away from the day to day management of the company, eventually selling off a major interest in his holdings.

He returned to work resuminf his role as CEO of WMA in 1998. Over the next two years, Alverson, and his team of investment bankers began investing in start-ups. WMA took Baby Genius and FreeRealTime.com public. Genius commenced trading at $1 and hit a 52 week high of $6.25. Freerealtime.com opened at 1.25 a share and hit a high of $21 a share six months later.

Mr. Alverson lives in Jupiter, Florida. He is married to Kathy, his wife of 14 years. They have four children; Ashton, Jet, Ryder, and Skylar. He currently serves on the the Board of Time, Healthient, Inc., SnackHealthy, Inc. and is the Chairman andd CEO of The Healthient Foundation. He enjoys traveling, playing tennis with his entire family, and driving his tractor.