William M. Alverson

William M. Alverson. William M. Alverson also referred as Bill Alverson has wide-ranging public company executive management experience. He has served as CEO and chairman of the board of publicly held companies.

In 1989, he started his career as a financial advisor at American Express. As CEO and Chairman of WMA, he provided guidance to private companies through their first rounds of public listings and secondary financings. He financed various public and private companies including freerealtime.com and Baby Genius, Inc. Alverson has financed many companies, generating more than 1 billion dollars in market capitalization.
Mr. Alverson has made great efforts to grow companies from their initial phase to managing various enterprises with more than 40,000 distributors, 200 employees resulting in more than 100 million dollars in sales.
William M. Alverson


About bill alverson

Mr. Alverson began his career as a financial advisor at American Express in 1989. He has spent the last fifteen years working in the financial services travel services industry. He has served as Chairman and CEO where he guided private companies through their first rounds of financing and public listings,and as Chairman and CEO overseeing management of 220 employees and over 44,000 sales agents nationwide. He has been active in financing and consulting to both private and public companies including Baby Genius, Inc. and freerealtime.com and has financed companies that have created over 500 million dollars in market capitalization.
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